4th Tilism theater, dance festival started with joint efforts of ACP



The 4th 17-day Tilism Theater and Dance Festival was grandly inaugurated with the classical performance of well-known classical dancer Sohai Abro, in conjunction with the completion of 45 years of Tehrik-e-Niswan, with the joint cooperation of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi and Tehrik-e-Niswan.

Sheema karmani presented a great classical dance along with her dance group. Romana Hussain performed the duties of the moderator in the event. The founder of Tehrik-e-Niswan Sheema Karmani said that the journey of Tehrik-e-Niswan is continuing with the hard work of the last forty-five years, we have struggled to convince ourselves. today we are celebrating as the day of our being, I thank Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi who gave the opportunity to organize this festival, theater, dance, music, debates on daily basis in the festival.

And games will be presented, the festival will continue till 22nd January 2023 while performances will be presented daily at 7:30 pm, the festival is free for all citizens but children under twelve years of age cannot participate in the festival. It is to be noted that many of the plays presented at the 4Tilism Festival have been significant in the history of theater and dance in Pakistan, while the Mohenjo-daro Puppet Show was a highlight of the festival.

It should be noted that many of the plays presented at the 4th Tilism Festival have been significant in the history of theater and dance in Pakistan, including the presentation of the Urdu version of “Light in the Village”, originally written by Scottish playwright “Jo Clifford” wrote who is coming from UK to attend the festival. She will be the keynote speaker at the conference “Building a Theater of Love” on Monday 9 January, followed by 2 performances of her play “Gaon Me Roshni” on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 January, the highlight of the festival being the new production “Andrasbha”.

Premiere, it is a delightfully romantic dance and music extravaganza with exquisite costumes, sets and lights, festival comedy drama “Bahrupiya”, historical play “Jinnay Lahore Nahin Vekhya”, Sufi poet, dancer, saint Bhagat Kanwar Ram. Including the story and to mark 100 years of the discovery of Mohenjo-daro, the spectacular dance drama “Mohen-jo-daro”.

will be presented. The performance integrates dialogue and narrative with dance and music, traditional storytelling techniques and the conventions of sub continental traditions and genres. The movement produced videos, documentaries, serials and music videos, organized seminars and conferences and organized residential youth conventions for cultural appreciation.