Tragedies can be tackled by correcting society’s issues: Governor



Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tessuri has said that the current situation of Pakistan is the result of distance from Islam, we need to follow the principles set by our predecessors and deal with difficult situations. In addition, scholars can play their role in determining the right direction of the nation.He expressed these views on the occasion of his participation in the Central Unity Ummah Conference.

Governor Sindh while thanking Da’i Ittehad Ban ulMuslimin Syed Jawad Naqvi said that such conferences not only help in solving Islamic and social problems but also give knowledge about the problems arising in the society. While immediate remedy of society’s defects can be protected from any major tragedy, accident and incident in the future.

Governor Sindh said that Ulmas have fully supported the government in every era and through this unity, harmony, tolerance and selfless spirit we can deal with all kinds of challenges.

Kamran Tessori emphasized on the youth that many evils of the society can be avoided by settling matters with sincerity, because intolerance in the society gives rise to many evils.

The Governor Sindh said that we have to put forward the Islamic code of life in every matter.Color, caste, language, nationality and regional bias have no importance in the religion of Islam, so keep yourself away from all prejudices.