48,679 criminals arrested in 2022


The police have claimed to arrest 48,679 criminals including 5,147 proclaimed offenders from different parts of the city during 2022. Giving some details, police spokesman said here on Monday that the police arrested 3,731 illicit weapon holders and recovered 3,143 pistols, 214 rifles, 259 guns, 89 Kalashnikovs, 27 carbines, 68 repeaters, 27 revolvers and 18,272 bullets/cartridges from their possession from 1st January to 31st December 2022.

Similarly, the police nabbed 3,917 drug traffickers besides recovering 1354.360 kilograms charas, 32.594-kg heroin, 29.310-kg opium, 15.934-kg ice, 145.845-kg Bhakki (poppy dust), 169-liter un-distilled wine and 55,168-liter liquor from them.