Attique; MC to mark 2023 as year of ideology revival

Hameed Shaheen Alvi

Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan president Muslim Conference says party platform shall mark new year 2023 much needed revival of Islamic ideology of political management and J&K’s accession to Pakistan as bedrock party manifesto. This he said while addressing women wing workers of his party in his Ghaziabad residence last evening attended also by large number of party enthusiasts.

“Mind it our party flag reflects our future course of action, that is joining of entire Jammu and Kashmir state to Pakistan as part of basic principle determined in June 3rd 1947 British government Indian sub continental partition plan agreed to for implementation by both Pakistan and India “, he pointed out.

Party Secretary General Ms Mehrunnisah also addressed and elaborated year 2023 celebrative details in the meeting; she said the foundational objective of state’s accession to Pakistan is sacrosanct with Muslim Conference as the only mode of Kashmiris honorable political future.

Sardar Attique Khan lamented that little stress by political houses in Pakistan is being given to the implementation of basics of ideology of Pakistan, terming it a shocking negativism saying we shall continue reminding of this dire vacuum; it is this vacuum that has encouraged Indian RSS-tailored govt to attack Muslims in India although they (Muslims) too are Indian nationals; this inimical treatment to Indian Muslims by Delhi govt has once again strongly indicated to the outside world that 2-nation theory is a permanent reality and only solution of India-created disputes and issues of regional and international dimensions, he warned.

I as president of Muslim Conference feel happiness to praise the all time readiness of our women workers to work for the welfare of Kashmiri mothers, children and members of general public for collective economic and political development within the state; he urged UNO and global leaders to help release thousands of innocent Kashmiri youth and party heads jailed by Indian occupying apparatus in occupied Kashmir.