40,000 war victims registered for aid in 6 months: Ministry



The Directorate of Martyrs and Disabled in Kabul said that in the past year it has registered 40,000 disabled people and relatives of those killed in the conflict.

Out of the 40 thousand people, 10,000 are the family members of slain veterans, according to the directorate. “We registered over 6,500 widows, and we gave each one 2,500 Afghani. A family of five receives 10,000 Afghani. Ten thousand of the sixteen thousand widows and orphans who were registered under the previous administration are now qualified to receive money after their registration,” said Shamsulamin Zaheer, directorate of Kabul.

According to the Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled, they have given cash to around 320,000 widows, the disabled, and orphans in the country during the last six months of the year.

“So far, the ministry has offered cash assistance to 107,000 orphans, 110,000 disabled people and 42,000 widows in six months of the current year,” said Mufti Faisal, the ministry’s head of publications.

Meanwhile, some families who have lost their breadwinners in the fighting said that the money they get from this institution is not enough.

“Our problem is that 2,000 Afghanis is insufficient for us. Because of the issues at home and the high cost of living, we need more money, said Marzia, a slain veteran’s relative.

“I am the breadwinner of my seven children. Sometimes I do laundry, sometimes I do cleaning work. I find a piece of bread for them,” said Shaima, a family member of a slain veteran.

As a result of a bullet wound, 40-year-old Arsalah, a soldier in the previous government, is said to have suffered injuries to his abdomen and legs.

“I had been identified as disabled in the Republic. I had proof that they were paying us at home, and even though it has been a year since I last received my paycheck before it was suspended, when I went to see them, they didn’t treat us badly. They informed us that they will provide us with as much as the previous government had promised,” Arsalah said.

This directorate has designated the first three days of the week for the registration of women and the last three days of the week for the registration of males. The Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled provides 2,000 Afghanis for each limb amputated due to a military, civilian, natural, or congenital accident. It also pays 2,000 Afghanis for each slain veteran’s family member.—Tolo News


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