35 universities to stop operating due to economic challenges



The public and private universities union said that due to economic challenges many institutions have stopped their activities.

Officials of the Union said 35 universities will be closed if the Islamic Emirate does not revise its decision about women’s education.

The union added that most of the universities face economic challenges.

“In a survey that we have done, 35 private universities due to economic challenges, cannot operate,” said Mohammad Karim Nasiri, the media officer responsible for the union.

“Our university is affected more because our university was just for girls,” said Azizullah Amir, head of Mora university.

Meanwhile, an Afghan private university in a statement announced that due to economic challenges they will sell the university.

Meantime, some female students at the university called on the Islamic Emirate to reverse their decision about women education.

“Female students make up half of a university’s income, because female students are banned from universities; most universities have stopped their activities,” said Freshta, a student.

“We call on the Islamic Emirate to reopen schools and universities for female students immediately,” said a student. According to this union, 6000 employees of private universities have become jobless.—Tolo News