Foreign Ministry: About 100 Afghans killed or injured in Turkey earthquake



Around one hundred Afghan citizens were killed or wounded in the earthquake that struck Turkey on Monday, according to the Islamic Emirate’s Foreign Ministry.

The ministry also noted that the reported number of victims in Turkey is not final and might rise.

“In the earthquakes of Turkey, about 100 Afghans have been martyred and injured, and nearly 100 of their houses have been destroyed,” said Zia Ahmad Takal, deputy spokesperson of the foreign ministry.

In the meantime, a family in Parwan province’s Jabal Saraj District said that three of their relatives died in the deadly earthquake and five others were injured.

“My son was under the rubble and he was alive. Later, the second earthquake happened, the rescue team came to save him, they were trying to rescue them when the next earthquake happened in the same area,” said Abdul Shakur, the father of the victims.

“Five of them are currently undergoing treatment in the hospital, and three of them were martyred as a result of this earthquake,” said Abdul Nawab Mihanpur, a relative of the victims.

More than 150 Afghans, according to several Afghans who live in Turkey, died or were injured in the earthquake.

“The number of Afghan immigrant victims who were hurt and killed in this incident is reported to be more than 150 people,” Shafi Mushfaq, a witness to the event in Turkey, told TOLOnews.

Three days after the deadly earthquake that shook parts of Turkey and Syria, more than 11,000 thousand deaths have been confirmed.—Tolo News