3,000 Afghans entered Poland since Ukraine war’s start


Officials at the Afghan embassy in Poland say that so far, 3,000 Afghans have entered Poland since the Ukraine war.

The embassy’s diplomats say that in cooperation with the Polish border police, they will issue travel documents for other Afghans detained in Ukraine after they have been identified.

“According to statistics provided by the Polish Foreign Ministry two days ago, more than 3,000 of our compatriots were able to enter Poland, and these numbers are changing because a large number of people still cross the border and return to Poland every day,” said Sayed Ismail Yousefi, an Afghan envoy in Poland.

According to statistics, more than 5,000 Afghan refugees were living in Ukraine, most of them young people who had gone to study in the country, but as the conflict intensified in the country, the families of these students in Afghanistan urged the Islamic Emirate to try to move them to a safe place.

“Ehsanullah has crossed from Ukraine to Poland, but my other son Siddiqullah is trapped in Ukraine,” said Qasm Khan, the father. “Based on the information we have available so far, Afghans have not encountered any particular problems that have harmed them,” said Mohammad Arsalah Kharwati, deputy minister for refugees and returnees.

Ayamuddin, who had been seeking refuge in Ukraine from Afghanistan for many years, moved to Kharkov, Ukraine, after the escalation of the war, but has now returned to Germany with great difficulty. He says the area where he used to live is now in ruins.

“We were able to reach Poland and now we are in Germany. Unfortunately, a large number of Afghans were with us, who left all their businesses, homes and everything,” said Ayamuddin Ajmal, a citizen of Kharkov, Ukraine.

Over ten days have passed since the attack on Ukraine began, and human rights organizations in Afghanistan are concerned that the world focus on economic and human rights challenges in Afghanistan will be marginalized.—Tolo News


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