3 suspects arrested in Bhimpura arms recovery case


City Police investigation department has arrested three suspected tenants of building in the case of heavy weapons buried in a godown in Bhimpura locality of the old city area of Karachi.Arrested suspects Saleem, Shafeeq and Faizan, held control of the building with them at different times since year 1984, sources of the investigation department said.

“The building is property of a former governor’s trust,” sources said.The investigators will further probe with regard to the godown and the building, probe sources said.Police will get remand of the accused from court for investigation, according to sources.

“Recovered arms will be sent for forensic tests to the Forensic Science Lab,” police source said. Police inquiring over the points, “which groups or outfits were using these type of weapons, when a sten gun used last time and who was using revolvers,” according to investigation sources.

According to sources, mostly a TT Pistol or 9MM gun used in various incidents in Karachi.Police filed a case with regard to recovery of large haul of heavy weapons from a godown in Bhimpura at Napier police station on Sunday.

“Large quantity of rusted weapons including 13 anti-aircraft guns and 183 stun guns were recovered on an intelligence report”, according to the FIR. Moreover, 63 revolvers and barrels of LMGs and other weapons were found during digging in the godown.

The District Central Police had in a raid recovered weapons buried in a godown in the old city area on Friday night.SSP Central Murtaza Tabassum talking to media earlier said that a large cache of heavy weapons was recovered in digging. He said, “There are reports about arms at some more places.”

The police officer said that all of the recovered weapons were rusty and in poor condition. The weapons were appeared to be buried under the house for a long time, he added. Earlier, police had recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition from a house in Karachi after acting on the information provided by an arrested suspect.

The police had conducted raid at a house in Dastagir area of Karachi and seized the explosive material and sophisticated arms.The police had seized nine RPG rockets, 60 hand grenades, 10 detonators, mortar shells, 38 SMGs and satellite telephone dumped in the house.


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