28 dead bodies of boat victims retrieved


In Machhka boat drowning incident, 28 dead bodies of persons drowned in River Indus, have been retrieved so far, according to Assistant Commissioner Sadiqabad. Among 28 dead bodies, 24 are women and four children, he said.

The data of aggrieved families being collected on the instructions of deputy commissioner Sadiqabad Syed Musa Raza, the official said. “The affected families have confirmed that a woman and a child have been still untraced and the rescue operation has been launched for their search”, he added. According to earlier reports, a boat with 94 persons of a wedding party on board capsized in the river in Machhka Union Council of Sadiqabad Tehsil on Monday.

According to police sources, two boats carrying a wedding party of around 150 people were coming from Rojhan to Machhka, when one of them overturned. According to reports two passenger boats were overloaded with the members of a wedding party.

One of the two boats capsized and passengers on the other boat jumped in water to help the people in boat. Local people tried to stabilize the boats with ropes, still several people swept away by the roaring Indus river. The incident took place in the Sadiqabad district, about 350 kilometers (210 miles) south of Multan.


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