27th passing out of Rangers recruits Governor lauds Rangers for bringing peace to city


Irfan Aligi

Pakistan Rangers Sindh’s recruits 27th passing out was held at the Rangers Training centre and School here in Karachi, Saturday. Sindh Governor was the Chief Guest of the event while Pakistan Rangers Sindh Director General (DG) Maj. Gen. Umer Ahmed Bokhari received the Governor. Governor witnessed recruits salutations in his honour and later distributed prizes and awards among the recruits who perform3ed extraordinarily. Rangers anti-terrorism squad made a fabulous manifest of their skills they acquired form toiling training and efforts.
Addressing the event of passing out parade of Rangers qualifying recruits, the Governor said he was honoured to have participated in the event though in the capacity of Chief guest.
“Rangers have played a pivotal role in bring peace and tranquility in Karachi”, the Governor said. “Rangers have eliminated terrorist and is a highly professional paramilitary force.”
Ismail said that the peace and tranquility in Karachi is only due to the courageous actions of the paramilitary Force – Rangers that met the target in just 6 years, which is a landmark success.
Governor said that the Rangers had conducted 19000 plus operations in the city and either executed at least 14, 000 criminals and perpetrators in action or forced them to surrender. The improvements in trade and economic activities in the port city of Karachi could simply be attributed to giant efforts by the paramilitary Rangers, he added.
The proof of peace and tranquility restored by the Rangers in Karachi was witnessed by the world that international cricketers had played sports in this city – Karachi, while trade delegations form corners of the world had stayed here in recent days, too.

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