Decisive crackdown against aliens in Karachi in the offing


Irfan Aligi

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies have finalised their strategy for the eradication of crimes from the port city of Karachi. They have decided to launch a decisive crackdown against the aliens and unlawful settlers in the city.
The LEAs and intelligence agencies have concluded that the escalating wave of group crimes was engineered by the Afghan national that are unlawfully present in the city. The number of unregistered Afghan aliens in Karachi has reached 800, 000 plus and they are either way involved in street crimes or other heinous crimes in Karachi.
According to sources, the LEAs and intelligence authorities have decided that they would deal wit these notorious elements and wipe them out step by step, one after another.
They have also prepared list of those aliens who have by other means had availed Pakistani Computerized National Identity Cards and they are some 4035 in Karachi.
Of these 4035 CNIC holders by fraud or otherwise are 3430 Afghans, 236 Iranians, 5 Iraqis, 110 Bengalis, 21 Chinese and 7 Morocco citizens who availed Pakistani CNIC during 2015-2018.
According to Afghan Refugees Karachi Commissionerate, number of registered Afghans in Karachi is 67, 000 while those unregistered are 800, 000 plus and they are living in Karachi’s different spatial settlements and low profile localities such as Sohrab Goth, Afghan Basti, Metroville S.I.T.E., Ittehad Town, Qasba Colony, Machchar Colony, Afghan Abadi, Ibrahim Hyderi, etc;

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