24 million Afghans facing acute hunger, WFP


The World Food Program (WFP) has said that almost 24 million people are facing acute hunger in Afghanistan, including 8.7 million in a current state of emergency.

The combination of drought and economic meltdown caused the Afghan families to suffer from hunger ahead of the cold weather, said WFP in its report on November 8.

Officials of the WFP in Afghanistan said the office is attempting to provide humanitarian aid to 24 million Afghans across the country.

“The WFP started efforts to provide food and other aid for 24 million people that will run into 2022. As our assessment shows, the situation is critical in Afghanistan,” said Wahidullah Amani, spokesperson for WFP in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, Afghan families who have been displaced for various reasons including war, have complained about the lack of options at the displaced persons camps in Kabul.

Gul Uzar, a mother of six children living in a tent, said she is not able to provide food for her children. “My children are searching for food door-to-door, they find nothing most days. We are living in desperation; it is a critical situation here,” she said.

The officials of the Taliban, in cooperation with supporting agencies, are working on a plan to prevent the humanitarian crisis in the country.

“With international agencies and the WFP, we are planning to stop the occurring economic crisis in Afghanistan,” said Ahmadullah Wasiq, Taliban’s deputy spokesman.— Agencies

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