22-day-old baby tested Covid positive

Staff Reporter

A 22-day-old baby boy has been tested positive for coronavirus at a private hospital in Faisalabad.

According to health officials, the infant was experiencing symptoms of fever for the past few days.

Later, his parents, residents of Johar Town, took their son to Allied Hospital Faisalabad where the infant was tested positive for Covid-19.

After being diagnosed with Covid-19, the newborn baby has been shifted to the children hospital for treatment.

Earlier on April 1, sixty-six children aged up to 10 years were tested positive for Covid-19 during the past 24 hours in the federal capital Islamabad.

The District Health Officer (DHO) Office had confirmed that overall 5,792 children aged up to 10 years had contracted Covid-19, whereas, 5,391 teenagers aged from 11 years to 20 years were infected with the virus.

The statistics of Covid-19 cases with separate age groups in Islamabad further showed that the coronavirus-positive people aged 21-30 years were recorded up to 11,860 and 16,607 were those aged between 31 to 45 years.