20,000 students attend learning festival


In the backdrop of the fact that “learning Poverty” has grown from 75 percent to 85 percent during COVID-19 pandemic, the Pakistan Learning Festival Baltistan organized on Thursday an event with the aim to highlight the importance of book reading, literature, story-telling and STEM technology.

Organized by Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi’s (ITA), the event debated on climate change as well performing arts, heritage, tolerance, inclusivity and citizenship as to ultimate learning experience for all school systems of Baltistan in Skardu where the festival was actually held. Almost 20,000 students attended two days PLFB with over 75 sessions and 6 book launching ceremonies were also part of the festival.

The students were exposed to films by Samar Minallah and SOC as well as to Sohail Rana’s songs/lyrics about peace, friendship and tolerance and the beautiful anthem of the PLF written by Zehra Nigah and composed/sung by Rakae Jamil.

The PLF as a vibrant learning platform merits serious policy consideration where children are enabled to become co-creators with their animator-resource persons, to learn academics and life skills through a social emotional learning framework.

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