20 gas stations closed in Northwestern Afghanistan


The Afghanistan National Standards Authority (ANSA) stated that it has closed down 20 low-quality gas stations in the Herat province of northwestern Afghanistan.

After inspecting 100 filling stations in Herat province, the local authorities in Herat province told the media on Sunday, December 12, that they had identified and sealed 20 low-quality gas stations.

The ANSA stated that it is committed to eliminating the oil mafia’s presence in the country’s markets and fostering healthy competition among oil traders.

Due to the increase in the price of petroleum products in the country’s markets, the import of oil and gas from Iran to Afghanistan has resumed roughly a year ago at the request of the current Afghan administration.

The deputy of Islam Qala Customs in the province of Herat, Shafiqullah Samim, had previously stated that the ANSA had inspected the oil entering the country from Iran and that tankers would not be allowed to enter if the test result was not optimal.—KP