190 countries unanimously declare Kashmir siege most prolonged lockdown of 2 decades



Over 190 countries across the globe have unanimously declared the inhuman blockade and restrictions, imposed in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir during the past two years “the most escalated and prolonged lockdown” in the past two decades, said a press release issued here on Sunday.

Prior to the observance of Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5 across the world, a Britain-based international organisation, the Impact Hallmarks©, announced its verdict on January 28, 2021, under the head of ‘The Unanimous Accords of Decadal & Bi-decadal Titles’.
The unanimously approved declaration reads: “The forced lockdown, imposed by the armed forces in India-occupied Kashmir, has been titled as the most escalated and prolonged lockdown during the entire course of two decades (Bi-Decadal 2000-2020). [https://impacthallmarks.org/the-unanimous-title-accords].

The inhuman and barbaric 2019-2021 lockdown was imposed throughout the Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, following the revocation of Article 370 and Article 35A of the Indian constitution and subsequent introduction of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019. The lockdown officially started on Aug 5, 2019, after which no foreign journalist was allowed by the Indian government to report from the occupied Valley. Hundreds of Kashmiri young men were killed, houses were burnt, and women were abducted during the prolonged lockdown.

The international organisation also explained on its website the procedure employed for selecting most impactful persons/ objects of the last two decades as well as declaring titles unanimously. According to the ‘Preamble Note’, a selection team of 132 nonaligned neutral assessors including 75 self-determining nonpartisan researchers and peripheral observers laid, retained and furnished the criterions of shortlisting, and helped reached final decisions purely on merit.

While talking to APP, Lt. Col. (Rtd) Azhar Saleem, senior coordinating officer at the SAARC-ASEAN Post-Doctoral Academia, said that the unanimous verdict given by over 190 countries of the world was, in fact, validation of Pakistan’s stance that India had been committing all types of atrocities against the held Valley people. He said a communication for unanimously declaring the restrictions in the Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir as the longest lockdown of the two decades was sent to the Impact Hallmarks© by Qadhi Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi of Pakistan. The international organisation, after verifying all facts from the independent sources, presented the communication from Pakistan, along with other happenings, before the world nations, which passed the titles unanimously, added the senior coordinating officer.

Following were the other happenings and events, which qualified as the bi-decadal and the decade titles with the unanimous verdict of the participating nations in the process:
1- The act of homicide killings of school children was titled as the most condemnable conduct during the entire course of the two decades.

2- Child pornography, along with other forms of pornographic acts, was titled as the most inhumane conduct during the entire course of the two decades.

3- The satellite images authenticating the acts of burning alive the Rohingya-populated whole towns and over 210 villages in Myanmar, were titled as the most brutal appearances on the face of planet, and henceforth, Rohingyas were titled as the most persecuted minority of the decade, and subsequently, the ‘ruthless killings of their children’ as the most systematic genocide during the entire course of two decades.

4- The UN International Decade of ‘Peace and Non-Violence for Children’ of the World, and International Decade for Action, ‘Water for Life’, proclaimed by the UN, were titled as the significant most decade observances during the entire course of the two decades.
5- The medical and paramedical staff losing their lives during the global emergency response of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak were unanimously titled as the ‘Global Benefactors of Human Race’.

6- The first-ever decade of postdoctoral appreciations, globally marked by NPA and AOPDA conjointly, was titled as the foremost stride-move to advance the demesnes of postdoctoral research.

7- Discovery of Boson by François Englert and Peter Higgs, Magneto-Hyro-Tropism [MHT] Discovery by Aurangzeb Hafi and Neutrino Oscillation Experimentation by Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald, were conjointly titled as the breakthrough discoveries of the decade, in the broader enquiry perspectives of cosmogenesis and the far-extending horizons of cosmological research. 8- Asian Tsunami of 2004 and the Haiti Earthquake of 2010 were titled as the most devastating catastrophes of the two decades.

9- The decade 2010-2020 was titled as the warmest decade, along the reference periods outlined by Copernicus Climate Change Service (CCCS), as well as the Carbon Dioxide concentrations analysis of the satellite data by CCCS and Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), which revealed the unprecedented global column-averaged approximately 413.1ppm, was titled as the most alarming risk-outburst of the entire bidecadal course of 21st century.—APP

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