18 lawbreakers held



The Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration on Tuesday arrested three shopkeepers and 15 professional beggars in a crackdown against profiteers and beggars. Assistant Commissioners visited 141 different areas for ensuring strict adherence to the government-notified rate list of essential items in markets. The ICT administration team also arrested three violators and imposed a fine of Rs12,500 on overcharging.

During the raid, FIR was also filed against two violators, the administration also arrested fifteen professional beggars during the crackdown.

Following the ban on the use of polythene bags in ICT, the administration confiscated 32 kgs of polythene bags and directed the shopkeepers to adhere to the ban in future aswell.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner Secretariat visited Bara Kahu, Phulgran areas along with Main Murree and Simly Dam road, inspected price and hygiene standards of restaurants and food handlers, cash & carry, general stores, chicken and meat shops, milk shops and bakeries.—INP