16kg tumour removed from woman’s abdomen

Madhya Pradesh

Doctors at a private hospital in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh removed a 16kg tumour from the abdomen of a 20-year-old woman after performing a six-hour-long surgery on Sunday.

Devendra Chandolia, manager of the hospital in the state capital Bhopal, said it was an ovarian tumour and the surgery was performed successfully. The condition of the woman is stable.

“Two days back, she came from Rajgarh and her tumour was very large. She was having problems while eating and walking.

This tumour is known as an ovarian tumour. The woman’s weight was 48kg and the weight of the tumour was 16kg.

It was a major surgery,” Chandolia said. “Chances of her survival would have diminished if it was not removed in time. —Agencies