166 Pakistani pilots working in 10 countries have valid licences


Observer Report


The Aviation Division revealed that the credentials of 166 Pakistani pilots working in 10 countries have been validated as genuine by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.
According to a statement by the Aviation Division spokesperson Abdul Sattar Khokhar, the PCAA received requests from 10 countries which include the UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bahrain, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait for “validation of credentials of 176 Pakistani pilots”.
The press release stated that 166 pilots out of these 176 pilots have been validated as genuine and certified by the PCAA Pakistan “as having no anomaly”. Information about the remaining 10 pilots will be available by next week, stated the notification. The Division further revealed that the Cabinet has approved cancellation of the license of 28 pilots, from the 262 pilots who are under investigation for holding “dubious credentials”.
“These 28 pilots will not be able to undertake any flying duties and their licenses stand cancelled after following proper legal procedures under which also involved personal hearings afforded to individual pilots. The matter was twice deliberated by the Cabinet before the decision,” read the statement.

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