1,434 affectees of GAHS compensated NAB duty bound to check corruption: chairman



Amraiz Khan

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice Javed Iqbal on Thursday participated as chief guest in a ceremony held at NAB Lahore Office to hand over cheques worth Rs730 Million to 1,434 affectees of Grand Avenue Housing Society (GAHS).
The Director General NAB Lahore welcomed him at the ceremony.

While addressing the ceremony, Justice Javed Iqbal termed NAB Lahore actions as admirable and fascinating under the assiduous command of DG NAB which has massively contributed to the overall performance of NAB.

He referred to NAB Lahore’s recent speedy plea bargain amounting to Rs2.26 billion in the Grand Avenue Housing Society scam as remarkable. He further said that NAB Lahore has disbursed billions of rupees to thousands of affectees and the departments concerned.

When talking about Plea Bargain (PB) law, he stated that PB is usually criticized by different circles without knowing the fact that NAB holds plea bargains as per law. He further informed that NAB has never forced any accused to hold PB with the Bureau.

He said that when criticizing PB law, it should be noted that the same is being effectively practiced in different European Nations. He continued by saying that where affectees are not provided with cash, they are facilitated with plots and houses.

Justice (r) Javed Iqbal further stated that each and every Parliamentarian is respectable to NAB, whereas, NAB never responded to the criticism by any Parliamentarian as the motherland was once created by politicians and its destiny still rests in their hands.

He further validated that NAB’s any action won’t be against law and the Bureau doesn’t believe in hurting sentiments.

NAB is bound to work while restricting itself under lawful ambit, while Parliament is mandated with introducing amendments to the constitution.

Talking over the proposed amendment to NAB ordinance, he said that if revision to NAB Ordinance facilitates the accused ones, then such amendment is useless but the modification of law should help the Institution to build its confidence.

While talking about NAB cases, he stated that it is generally said that NAB doesn’t get its cases decided early but in reality, NAB has no right to decide cases itself while the same authority rests with hon’ble Courts. NAB completes its duty by filing cases without causing any delay.

The delay in deciding NAB cases is caused by lack of Accountability Courts (AC) which is also noted by hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) who ordered for an increasing number of ACs.

Later, the NAB chairman gave away cheques worth Rs730 million to the affected people of Grand Avenue Housing Society.


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