13 September will be remembered as darkest day in history of Pak: Omar


Adviser on Information Omar Sarfraz Cheema on getting passed the NAB Amendment Bill by the federal government termed it the darkest chapter in the history of Pakistan. He said that yesterday the swindler PDM gang formally enforced NRO as their main purpose behind coming into power.

The NAB Amendment Bill came into effect despite not being signed by the President Arif Alvi. Adviser on Information said that the NAB Amendment Bill clipped the wings of NAB and Pakistan will incur a loss of Rs 2400 billion.

The NAB Amendment Bill being passed in haste was to blanket the corruption being committed by the Sharifs and Zardari over the years.

Omar Sarfraz Cheema said that according to the new NAB amendment bill, all the amendments will be enforced from 1-1- 1985 which will provide a clear benefit to the accused. Omar Sarfraz Cheema further said that according to the second amendment, the assets of the family members will not be deemed assets of the accused and the motive behind it is not difficult to comprehend. To put the obligations to prove the assets of the accused on NAB instead of by the accused is highly ridiculous.

The price of the property of the accused will be ascertained on DC rate and the property worth billions of rupees can be mentioned in crores. He said that during the investigation of the case, granting permission to the accused to dispose of the controversial property amounts to making a mockery of NAB.

On the other hand if the case is not proved against the accused then granting punishment to the NAB officer for five years is equivalent to making the NAB subservient to the powerful. Omar Sarfraz Cheema said that those making false claims of dragging each other have become hand in glove with each other in order to conceal their malpractices and corruption, concluded Omar Sarfraz Cheema.


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