1124 mw Kohala hydropower project likely to complete by 2025


The 1124 MW Kohala Hydropower Project is likely to be completed by December 2025 with the cost of $2.4 billion.

The annual generation capacity of run-of-the-river project is 4800 GWh,said an official source.

The diversion dam site is on Jhelum River near Sarran Village 40 km upstream from Muzaffarabad and a 20 km long tunnel connects to the powerhouse which is located at Barsala 7 km upstream from Kohala Bridge.

The Kohala hydroelectric scheme will have a gravity, roller-concrete compacted dam on the upper branch of the Jhelum, 40 km from Muzaffarabad.

The powerhouse, on the lower branch of the Jhelum near Barasala, will house four 281-MW Pelton turbines.

The Kohala Hydropower Project is Chinese state owned hydropower developer, namely China Three Gorges Corporation’s (CTGC), largest investment in Pakistan.

It won the right to develop a hydroelectric dam in Pakistan on January 7, 2015. The high head project of 316 meters that is located near Kohala, in Azad Kashmir.

In 2020, the project’s agreement was signed. The signing ceremony was witnessed by the Pakistani Prime Minister, and Chinese ambassador.

The dam’s feasibility study and detailed engineering designs were performed by SMEC.—APP

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