Zartaj urges federal govt institutions to join war against polythene bags

Staff Reporter

Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul Wazir has said that public awareness campaign regarding banning of the polythene bags, which was launched across the federal capital city has been now extended to the federal government organisations, where government employees are being made aware and encouraged to shun use of the polythene bags.

While addressing the media persons on Wednesday, the minister said that like any other segment of the society, we had now started to approach government employees through the public awareness, sensitisation and outreach activities being carried out in the government organisations including ministries/divisions and attached departments in the capital city of Islamabad and motivate them to stave off the use of polythene bags at all levels, which have proved destructive to overall environment and public health.

“Thousands of employees work in these federal government organisations.

However, communicating the message to them regarding adverse impacts of the polythene bags on their health and the environment they live in and feed on is of paramount importance to our efforts aimed at riding the capital city and its suburbs of the polythene bags,” Zartaj Gul emphsised.

“Sensitisation of one person regarding deleterious aftermaths of the polythene bags is in fact sensitisation of the entire household, where he lives in and where he will carry along the message,” she argued, emphatically.