YouTubers Sham Idrees, Queen Froggy allege Canadian cafe of Islamophobia, cafe disputes claims

YouTubers Sham Idrees, Queen Froggy allege Canadian cafe of Islamophobia, cafe disputes claims

Sham Idrees and Queen Froggy, both YouTubers, went to social media to condemn Demetres, a Canadian café chain, for allegedly refusing to serve them because of their religion. The café has disputed the claim, claiming that the dispute was about seating limitations.

The husband and wife narrated the event in videos on their separate Instagram pages. Idrees stated in his video, “We just had the worst experience of our lives,” Idrees wrote in his video. “The racist servers told us they will not serve ‘people of your kind’. My wife and family members included hijabis.”


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 “I am so heartbroken,” Queen Froggy wrote in her video post. “Demetres Oakville didn’t take our order and told us to leave because we are Muslim and wear hijab,” she wrote in the captions. “I am so disgusted. Go to Google Maps, click review and give 1 star [to Demetres] and write #Banislamophobia. Let’s make sure it never happens to anyone again!” she urged.

“We just got back from Demetres,” she narrated in her video. “It’s a dessert cafe in Ontario Canada. I took my kids, my family, and some of my hijabi friends. We just wanted to have some dessert and a night out. The servers at that location did not want to take our order. They asked us to leave the restaurant and said if we didn’t leave the restaurant they will call the cops, which they did because we are Muslim and they didn’t want to take our order.

“I am so heartbroken,” she added.


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Demetres issued a statement regarding the incident on their social media as well. “We believe there was a misunderstanding between employees and our guests regarding seating arrangements due to Covid-19 restrictions,” they wrote. “The situation became escalated, and the guests were asked to leave.”

 Many internet users believe the restaurant’s account of events, accusing Idrees and his wife of ‘lying’ about what occurred. Idrees had done a
“This undermines actual complaints of Islamophobia,” she added.

Other people’s testimonials were added in Ahmed’s article, claiming that Idrees and his group were banned from the restaurant because they did not follow Covid-19 rules.

Other Instagram users chimed in to point out flaws in Idrees’ account of events, claiming that the pair were just giving one side of the story.

Idrees subsequently reacted to the criticism by posting a new video “with proof” regarding the event.

Many individuals in the comments, however, demanded that the YouTuber release the whole video of the encounter rather than just fragments.

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