Youth in Nimroz make several phone apps



A group of young people in the western province of Nimroz have made several phone applications.

The youths said that they would achieve even greater things if the government supported them.

“There were some accessible facilities. We were able to make several applications. We are developing these applications. We have talked with several institutes to make applications for them,” said Ahmad Seyar, a member of the group.

“If the government supports us, we can make a better application,” said Imran, who helped create the app.

“We call on the government to help us to create new and good applications,” said Mohammad, an app-designer. The technologically-savvy analysts said that applications are important for facilitating the use of technological devices.

“If we use the proper applications, we can do our work quickly,” said Esmatullah Barakzai, an analyst.

“If the government supports these youths, we can recognize good talents across the country,” said Abdul Ghafar Mohammadi, a technological analyst.

Local officials that they would support the youth.

“These youths can develop Afghanistan to be on the same page with other countries, so we support the youths,” said Abdul Rahim Fayaz, head of the department of Technology Information and Telecommunication of Nimroz.

This comes as thousands of Afghans are fleeing Afghanistan due to ongoing economic challenges in the country.–tolonews


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