Young woman crawls out of bag, rescued from human traffickers


A woman who was being smuggled by human traffickers was rescued by the police while chasing the criminals, the Texas Department of Public Safety reported.

The traffickers that were being chased crashed their SUV. The car caught fire and the criminals fled the scene.

As they escaped, they left behind a woman in a black duffle bag.

Texas Department of Public Safety South Region published a video of the incident on their official Twitter account.

“She’s in the bag. There’s a female in the bag,” an officer can be heard crying.

A bodycam footage shows officers running towards the car and smashing the rear glass of the car to pull the bag out.

As the officers pull the bag out, away from the car in a safer zone, they unzip it, when a young woman crawls out. There is also a dash camera footage providing a different angle.—AP


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