Yasmin wants better mechanism for dengue reporting

Staff Reporter

Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid asked stakeholders on Tuesday to improve Dengue reporting mechanism during the Cabinet Committee meeting held here at Darbar Hall of Civil Secretariat.

“Dengue larva must be eliminated on identification from special branch and districts must act on their reports.”

Punjab Minister for Auqaf Saeedul Hassan Jaffery, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Secretary Imran Sikander Baloch, Prof Javed Chaudhry and other officials attended the meeting. The Health Minister reviewed anti dengue activities in the province.

On the occasion, the P&SH Department secretary presented progress review on anti-dengue activities in the province.

The health minister said that the anti-dengue activities have been stepped up in education institutions and hospitals across Punjab, adding that children must be sensitized to Dengue threat during zero or special period in schools.

“Our administration is making all-out efforts to control both Dengue and Corona and Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners must ensure compliance with DEAG Guidelines”, Dr Yasmin underscored.

The minister emphasised that citizens must take special care of water storage spots in homes. “During Juma prayers, religious scholars must make people aware of Dengue threat.

The PHA must work on green belts and teams must stay alert during monsoon season. All departments must ensure compliance with Dengue control guidelines. Districts reporting more cases must stay alert. Constructions sites have to be specially taken care of.”

Minister for Auqaf Saeedul Hassan Jaffery informed that cleanliness of mosques is being ensured and everyone must work together to control dengue.

Meanwhile, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Secretary Imran Sikander Baloch reviewed the current situation of Dengue in the whole province.

The secretary directed the department to intensify dengue prevention activities across the Punjab.

In this regard, he appealed to people take special care of cleanliness and no garbage should be thrown in open places besides rainwater should be drained out well in time.

“Precautionary measures against Dengue are very important and citizens should be more active in preventing Dengue during monsoon; especially rainwater should not accumulate in residential areas.” He said that during the past 24 hours, 12 Dengue cases were reported from across the province.

During the current year so far, a total of 161 confirmed cases of dengue have been reported across the Punjab and out of all confirmed patients, 109 cases have been reported in Lahore alone.

Currently, a total of eight patients are undergoing treatment across Punjab, of them 4 patients are undergoing treatment in Ittifaq Hospital Lahore, 2 in Services Hospital, one each in Jhang and Benazir Bhutto Hospital Mianwali

Similarly, during the past 24 hours, 437,151 indoor locations were examined across the Punjab while larvae were destroyed from 1,013 locations.

In Lahore, 61,678 indoor places were checked for dengue larvae and 919 positive containers were destroyed.

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