Yasir Hussain posts pictures with Aamir Liaquat in ‘Naagin’ pose


With his latest antics during the Ramzan transmission, Aamir Liaquat had the internet in fits. The ‘naagin dance’ by Liaquat has gone viral in particular.

Yasir Hussain, who appeared on Liaquat’s show recently, recreated the naagin pose with the politician and posted photos of it on social media.


Hussain praised Aamir Liaquat as “Entertainer of the Decade. Aap k Nagin dance ne bohot hansaya. Aur yehi such hai. Keep entertaining us”

Earlier this week, Aamir became the center of focus on social networking sites with his performance on naagin music during his show Jeeway Pakistan on Monday.

The funniest moment came when he stretched on the floor and demonstrated his naagin dance abilities while tossing his leg to the music.

The video went viral on social media, with some people praising it and others slamming him.

Liaquat had previously invited Pakistani actor Naseem Hameed to appear on his show. The host challenged Hameed, who had captured a gold medal in a 20-meter run on stage at the South Asian Federation Games in 2010.

The run did not go well in an abrupt turn of events, and Liaquat fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, on his stage, Aamir vowed that he will never dance to this music again.



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