WUM successfully held defense of 2-PhD scholars


Public defense of two PhD scholars Dr. Farheen Nadeem and Dr Faiza Arshad held successfully today at the Women University Multan. It was recommended by the house for awarding degrees to the scholars.

The scholar Ms. Faiza Arshad from Department of Economics thesis titled was “Effects of Pakistani women on economic development, a case study of higher educational institutions of South Punjab The scholar, while defending her thesis, said that women play a key role in the economic development of any country or state. Similarly, if women are empowered, a big change can be brought in Pakistan. She said a large number of women are employed in Pakistan, while there are some who are contributing to the country’s economy by running small and large-scale businesses.

These women are involved in IT, fashion, education, online business and among others; they are shining the name of Pakistan by progressing rapidly.