Worsening smog issue in Lahore LHC orders Rs2,000 fine for traffic violators



The Lahore High Court on Friday ordered imposition of Rs2,000 fine and other punitive actions against people violating one-way traffic law in Lahore.

The order was issued during hearing of petition against smog in the City, which has affected traffic flow in city and has been causing respiratory problems among citizens.

The AQI Index of Lahore was recorded above 500 throughout the last week. At one point, the provincial capital was declared the most polluted city in the world as well.

Justice Shahid Karim heard a petition on Friday about smog control. Advocates Shiraz Zaka, Sulaiman Khan Niazi and Azhar Siddique appeared before the court on behalf of petitioners.

According to the Punjab government, traffic is the main source of air pollution, and to counter this problem, the government is working on big projects such as more flyovers and underpasses.

The crisis seems to be deepening with each passing as the weather changes. Other cities most affected by air pollution include Sahiwal, Faisalabad, and Raiwind.

During the hearing, Judicial Water Environment Commission submitted a report recommending measures to ensure traffic flow and end smog.

The court ordered officials to monitor the traffic situation and take strict actions against those violating traffic laws and imposed a Rs2,000 fine on them along with other punitive actions.

Earlier, the court ordered private businesses in Lahore and surrounding cities to immediately reduce presence of 50 percent of their staff at offices to help reduce the noxious smog that is causing serious health problems in the populace.


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