World urged to end meddling in Afghanistan


Afghanistan’s interim prime minister Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund called on Afghanistan’s neighbours and the international community to stop meddling in his country’s internal matters, reported Tolo News on Sunday.

At the Eid-ul-Fitr prayers, the interim prime minister deplored the freezing of the country’s assets by Washington and urged them to stay committed to its promises.

“We said that we will do no harm to anyone or any country and we do not want to be interfered with by any country. We keep our promises because we are Muslims. We call on foreign countries to not create problems for Muslims, and to keep your promises,” Akhund was quoted by the Afghan news channel.

The interim prime minister also claimed that his countrymen were celebrating the first day of Eid in a “good security situation”, and called on the Afghans, who had left Afghanistan, to return to their country.—Agencies