World Test Championship


The idea by the International Cricket Council (ICC) to organize World Test Championship is very innovative and more notably decisive for the Five Day Test cricket concept that has almost lost its allure to attract the large viewers at stadiums or at home. As in the wake of the modern times, people are mostly engrossed in the more captivating and enthralling model of the T20 cricket. The T20 model has not only changed the concept of the modern cricket but also has proved to be lucrative in terms of business and helpful for talent-hunt for the respective boards as each board organizes its own franchise-based league yearly—PSL in case of Pakistan.
In the era of fast and fascinating T20 cricket, the initiative of ICC to hold the World Test Championship in such scenario is time bound apt decision as to revive and reintroduce the Test Cricket. By this championship contest, is very likely that from viewers to players and from players to management, all are likely to take part more intensively as the stakes would be high.

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