Attributing unsung luminaries of Pakistan


My enlightened good old senior citizen friend, Aslam Dossa, shares with me less-heard but heart-touching information about the unsung but sacrificing patriots of Pakistan which I wish to share with fellow Pakistanis, especially with our dear leaders, statesmen, businessmen, media and the young nation.
We know a lot about leaders who looted Pakistan but we seldom or do not know about people who helped Pakistan by transferring billions in today’s values from their own Bank Accounts to Pakistan’s exchequer when Pakistan was newly-formed, in infancy and needed support and sustenance to survive.
This is the story of some of these Greats of Pakistan who helped the Quaid run this country when there was no cash at all to pay even salaries of Civil Servants, what to talk of basic infrastructure or even thinking of socio-economic development. Quaid-i-Azam was given Blank Cheque Books by three Industrialists and Jinnah wrote:
Sir Adamji Peer Bhoi Adamjee Group of Companies – *Ten Crore* Syed Muratab Ali Shah Pakages Group Ltd – *Five Crore* Seth Mohd Ali Habib Habib Bank Ltd – *Three Crore* A total of *Eighteen Crore* was deposited in Govt treasury (about Eighteen Billion if not more in today’s Money).
The young generation needs to know these great people and their great contribution towards nation building. Remember them on Independence and on Pakistan Day. Remember them whenever Pakistan is fraught with challenges and needs your altruistic and patriotic and altruistic support and caring and sharing. Thanks!

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