World Cup trophy should have been ‘shared’: Sir Gary Sobers


Bipin Dani

The ICC’s 2019 World Cup trophy should have been “shared” and not only the England team should have been declared the winner, according to few former cricketers.
“Is it only the boundaries are count ?”, Sir Gary Sobers, the former West Indies all-rounder, reacted exclusively over telephone from Barbados.
“If the score was level at the end of the match and also in Super Over, how is it fair to declare England the winner ? “Why New Zealand could not also be declared the (joint) winner”, Sir Sobers, who did watch the match on TV, said when his comments were sought.
“It is OK if the rules are made before the game and the trophy stays in England, but sportingly, New Zealand captain too should have been at the dais to lift the World Cup”, he further added.
Interestingly, Sobers on whose name the Sir Garrfield Sobers trophy is warded every year to the best player of the year was a member of the team that had the first historic Tie Test (against Australia at Brisbane in 1960).
Former Pakistan captain, Asif Iqbal, who watched the final on TV, says, “”in my opinion the trophy should have been shared. It was an amazing World Cup final.
Best ever. Best teams did not deserve to lose…In fact, on the day neither team lost the match”.
Official result The “official result” of the final is a Tie, cricket statisticians Mohanddas Menon and Sudhir Vaidya (both Indians) and Ric Finlay (Australia) say.
“A tied match. World Cup awarded to England by dint of Most Boundaries scored in the Final. The official score card will read”, the statisticians say. Incidentally, New Zealand had lost two wickets less than England but that is not counted.
“It (cricket) is a game for batsmen. The batsmen can face 50 overs. There is no restriction. It is a restriction on bowlers. Each bowler can not deliver more than 10 overs”, Vaidya pointed out.
Bets refunded Australian bookmaker Sportsbet has refunded bets to those who put money on Black Caps victory because the New Zealand team has “not lost” the final.