Work on fencing border underway at fast pace


Balochistan’s Home Minister Mir Ziaullah Langau has said that Pakistan is speedily fencing its border with Iran and Afghanistan to curb cross-border militant attacks.

Admitting that the measure would impact the livelihood of people who depend on cross-border trade, the minister told a foreign news agency that maintaining law and order is the government’s top priority.

“Our long western border is not safe, due to which terrorism happens and people’s lives are under threat,” Langau said. “So, the first thing you do is to protect the lives of people,” he said.

He said that it is the responsibility of the state to help people make a living, adding that a committee under his chairmanship is already looking into the issue. “We are making a free economic zone and trying to promote legal businesses,” he said.

“We have decided to employ people who may suffer due to border fencing in four government departments: police, Levies, Frontier Constabulary and the Provincial Disaster Management Authority.”—TLTP