Woman warrior statue vandalised in Islamabad’s Kachnar Park


Islamabad: A statue representing women’s empowerment in the Kachnar Park of I-8 Islamabad has been vandalized by unknown persons.

The park’s management was uninformed of the incident until it was brought up on social media.

The issue was discovered on Wednesday morning by park visitors who also run the “Friends of Kachnar Park” Facebook group.

A university lecturer Tahir Malik tweeted about the broken statue after witnessing it: “Shameful act of vandalism at Kachnar Park and that police should take severe measures”.

The monument was apparently smashed by someone at night, according to Mr. Malik, because it had been properly placed up until Tuesday. He further said, “vandalism could not be fully ruled out because it had tragically already happened in numerous sites across the country in recent years.”

When questioned, Mohammad Idrees, the park’s deputy director, asserted: “We have investigated and found no evidence of anyone around the statue, and all of the statue’s equipment was unharmed, indicating that it fell accidentally.”

In actuality, the matter was raised in WhatsApp groups by a few visitors who came to the park early in the day for a stroll after praying.

Sources claim that the environment wing illegally used quotations for the majority of the work and spent billions of rupees without putting out a call for bids. They asserted that the statue’s placement also involved quotation financing.

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