Woman murders her toddler, eats his head


A mother in Egypt is accused of killing her five-year-old son, dismembering his body, and consuming a portion of his head in a truly horrifying occurrence.

Law enforcement sources claim that Hanaa, a 29-year-old mother, killed her baby and consumed a portion of his body because she “wanted him to stay with her forever.”

According to reports in the media, the woman was detained after the authorities discovered the boy’s remains in buckets on her house.

Hanaa, who has been divorced from her husband for a while, claimed she had no plans to murder her son Youssef. She said that the reason behind her executing such a horrific deed was mental health problems.

The woman has yet to go through a mental health evaluation as part of the probe, according to the local media.

A Kenyan lady stabs her daughter and consumes her liver.

In a different example, a woman from Kenya was charged with stabbing her two-year-old daughter, decapitating her, and eating her liver.

Glory Njeri, a young child, was hacked to death by Olivia Naserian, 24. The woman must remain in detention for an additional 10 days until the investigation is conducted, the court said.

The body of the girl was removed for a postmortem, and more time was needed to determine the woman’s mental state.

The director of the Kitengela Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Benson Mutia, stated, “We believe the court will give us more time to investigate this matter. We also want to establish whether this woman is normal or has a mental illness.”

She did something to her own baby that is inexplicable.

Witnesses claimed to have seen the woman “singing hymns and obsessively reciting the alphabet” as she stabbed the infant through the glass.