Woman dies of heart attack during flight, forcing emergency landing


A woman died of suspected heart attack during a foreign airline’s flight, forcing an emergency of the plane at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport.

A flight of Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Manila made an emergency landing at Karachi airport after a woman suffered severe cardiac pain and later she passed away during the flight.

The pilot contacted Karachi’s Air Traffic Control and sought permission for the emergency landing. The flight crew called physicians after the medical emergency landing.

At the Karachi airport, doctors confirmed the death of the woman after her medical examination. Sources said that the female passenger’s body was sent to the Philippines from the same flight.

In July, another Indian plane had made an emergency landing at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi after the pilot sought permission following issues in the engine.

The manager of the Karachi airport had said that the captain informed the aviation officials at the airport regarding a technical fault in the engine of the plane. “He made an emergency landing and the passengers were transferred to the transit lounge where they were offered breakfast and refreshments,” he said.

The manager added that another plane of the Indian airline would land at Karachi airport at 3:00 pm to airlift the passengers to Hyderabad Deccan. “The Indian airline has conveyed information regarding the arrival of another plane to airlift the passengers,” he said.


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