Woman dies due to negligence of health worker

Nasib Shah Shinwari

A woman has allegedly died when female health worker was not present at the district headquarter hospital of Landikotal emergency unit to perform the ECG of a woman patient of almost 50 years, the other day.

Amin Shah, the resident of Mirdad Khel told media that he took his mother to the emergency unit of DHQs Landikotal for treatment.

He said that a doctor on the spot suggested ECG but the female health personnel was not present at the emergency unit.

We made some many phone calls to the female health worker but she did not respond and then I compelled to request a male health work to perform my mother ECG but it was too late and my mother died.

Amin Shah started protest at the hospital against this inhuman behaviour of health staff and was insisted not to shift his mother dead body home but later, he was compelled by his relatives to take his mother to home for burial. According to the emergency health staff, the female patient had severe cardia attack.


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