Woman 4 kids slaughtered in Kuchlak


A woman and her four children including two girls were slaughtered with a sharp-edged instrument by unidentified accused in Kuchlak area of Balochistan on Sunday.

According to police sources, the boys and girls were aged between nine and 12. Their bodies had been shifted to a hospital for postmortem. Police were looking into the incident. Deputy Commissioner Zafar Ali said that search for the accused was underway, adding they would be in the police custody soon.

“Evidence is being collected from the site of the incident. Levies Force has been alerted against the accused,” he stated.

He elaborated that a poor Afghan family lived inside an old vacant check post of Levies near Tehsil Bostan Ashraf Khan House where some unidentified accused slaughtered the woman, her two sons and as many daughters at 5am on Sunday morning.

It is reported that the area falls within the jurisdiction of Levies Force, and the Levies is investigating the incident. Further details of the incident will be shared later.—INP