Will Trump be able to win nomination for Presidency?


Salahuddin Haider

MILLION dollar question. With all his tantrums, aggressive, uncompromising approach towards vital issues, and some recent setbacks in primaries, also Joe Biden’s impetus curing campaigning, make the coming American Presidential elections, deeply interesting. After retirement from the race of Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, it appears a straight fight between the two major American parties. Issues at stake probably will be climate change, immigrants from neighbouring Mexico, police funding.
Now that primaries are coming to a close, Trump’s nomination in the backdrop of Senate hostility, should be the crucial question, Nominations are normally finalized in the month July, which is just few yards away. But now that Biden has almost clinched the issue, Trump’s choice for Republicans should not be a major problem.
The reason is simple; The Party has other candidates in line. And then Trump’s major thrust on whit less literate Americans being his principle force.. the nomination next month from Iowa looks a bigger certainty, atleast for the present. Trump’s focus on these less literate White Americans helped him win the White House for Hillary, although favourite for many in 2016, was found lacking on a number of counts.
Background material collected from New York Times and Washington Post, as also the CNN cl;ears the haze on electoral issues. Democratic candidates recognized climate change as a pressing issue and opposed President Donald Trump’s skepticism of this transnational threat. And it’s little surprise, given that a survey taken in conjunction with the Iowa caucus found that nearly a third of respondents identified climate change as a main issue, making it the second-biggest voter concern. The former vice president said his administration would rejoin the Paris Agreement and will lead an initiative for all signatories to “ramp up the ambition” of their own national climate goals by making them clear and realistic. In his climate plan, Biden proposes an investment strategy focused on clean energy and sustainable infrastructure to drive innovation “from Canada to Chile.”
Per that strategy, he backs better-integrated power grids from Mexico through Central America to Colombia supplied by clean energy. In the Caribbean and the Northern Triangle, he says he would promote clean energy transitions and climate change adaptation related to rising sea levels, severe weather patterns like hurricanes, and continuous drought in places such as eastern Guatemala.
Biden supports the Green New Deal.
In the last serious assessment made about the state of the presidential race, number of issues have cropped up. The coronavirus. The recession it spawned. And widespread protests against racism and police brutality. Oh, and Joe Biden’s victory in the Democratic primary. Till May he had collected US 81 million in electoral funds Nationally during this period of upheaval, Biden has amassed a modest but steady lead over President Donald Trump. In fact, his lead has been more resilient in some ways than the lead Hillary Clinton had amassed at this point four years ago.
Biden has led Trump by about 10 points in recent live-interview telephone surveys of registered voters, which is four points better than where he stood in late March and early April. Overall, the Real ClearPolitics poll average has Biden ahead by 8.5 points nationally. And Biden’s advantages over Trump have grown among several demographic groups, including women, senior citizens, and even white working-class voters, a key constituency of the president.
Many an expert see it as a battle of the roundtables as President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden ventured out on the pandemic-era campaign trail Thursday, with a bare-faced Trump speaking to a cheering crowd in a Dallas church and a masked Biden chatting with a small, socially distanced group at the Enterprise Center in West Philadelphia. Trump denounced the idea of “defunding” police forces, saying he wanted to pump in more money for proper training of law enforcement. He spoke highly of police, blamed China for the pandemic, and bragged about what he had done for Texas and how much Texans supported him politically in 2016. A recent campaign by Trump almost fizzled out due to less attendance, which again should never be lost sight of.