Will Trump accept US election results? Debate on in America


Salahuddin Haider

DICEY question, and no easy answer. Donald Trump, seeming a new second term in this year November elections has a number of minuses against his name, like overlooking the threat to Corona virus and massive casualties it cause of 1,42,000, two-third than the Veitnam war, and refusing to heed advices even from some of his close aides, having his own of governing the country.
That has already made him controversial, but Trump aide says they have already deployed 42,000 volunteers and spent over 32 million dollars to check the Democrats, but will it work? This is the question whose answer is difficult to find for the moment, but surely it worries even Republican friends. Administrative officials have been alerting him against weakening economy, massive unemployment, unwise polices, but Trump is a difficult nut to crack.
He has his own way of doing things. He is doing good things, remarked a former White House aide, but prompt the rebuff that good what good things, Telephone contacts from American journalists drew confused answers. Nothing clear cut was yet available.
Congress speaker Nancy Powel is dead against him, was almost on the verge of impeaching him, but American judicial and parliamentary system is longish in character, and complex. No easy to move impeachment plan.
Example is there against late Mr Nixon what happened and how long it took to unseat him. Although he was pardoned later, but subpoena after subpeonea. Then examples can also be cited of George Bush, who in his second term refused to accept polls results, court cases, public and media debate went on and on for long, till rival Algore finally decided to withdrawn himself from a controversy that had begun to earn bad name for United States which he trie to save by withdrawing voluntarily from the race.
Then comes the case of Bill Clinton over love affairs with staff officer Mona Lewinski.Love affairs is not a problem is considerably permissive American Society. But Clinton’s decision to deny any such affairs, put in him trouble. Legal proceedings began against him till wife Hillary saved him like a loyal wife.
But Trump is still uncertain. Despite winning candidacy, mainly because Republicans do not have worthy candidate to present to the electorate, is still in hot waters, up to his neck, and in the opinion of many Americans like MSNBC and CNN TV networks, also in print media, suspicion keeps rising whether Trump can really make it.
In the view of some analysts much more depend as to who does Trump picks his running mate. His popularity, which cant be judged before hand, can help him secure greater numbr of votes. Former Vice President Joe Biden told Joy Reid that he has four Black women on his shortlist for vice president, putting him closer to selecting a running mate a month before he accepts the party’s nomination.
Trump allies are perpetuating the idea that the President may reject the outcome in November, as voters continue to face hurdles and misinformation about mail-in ballots.
Morning Joe discusses the implications.July 21, 2020 He concludes that rival candidate for race to Presidency, “you don’t get credit for being more wrong than any president in the history of the United States has ever been’ Former President George Bush was considered the worst president in American history. It is yet to be determined with what title Trump will be remembered?

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