3225 sanitary workers to be deployed for collection of entrails


Staff Reporter

In order to ensure cleanliness, Albayrak & Rawalpindi Waste Management Company has finalized a comprehensive contingency plan for collection and disposal of entrails and offal of the sacrificed animals on the eve of Eid-Ul-Adha falling on Saturday, August 1st, 2020.
According to a spokesman, 3225 workers including cleaners and supervisory staff of Department of Sanitation and other relevant departments would be deputed to carry out effective operation for collection and proper disposal of entrails, offal and waste of sacrificial animals.
The spokesman said 37 transfer stations at various locations in Rawalpindi & Murree cities would be setup where offals, entrails and other wastes of sacrificial animals would be dumped temporarily and later on taken to the permanent dumping site.
“Special teams will use more than 352 vehicles including 144 mini dumpers, 30 pickups, 12 loaders, 48 compactors, 5 loading bikes, 42 rental dumpers and additional 200 wooden carts for efficient & effective waste management on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Adha”, he added.
The company would distribute special bags in various areas of the city for the safe disposals of animal remains. These bags will be used especially for insertion of animal waste during Eid days. Awareness activities and distribution of waste bags for general public were started 15 days prior of Eid.
Special cleaning arrangements would be done for graveyard, slaughter houses, Imam Bargahs, Mosques and collective slaughter sites where workers will sprinkle lime powder at sacrificial places.
A complaint cell would be established, consisting of 3 members of operations department & 5-6 members in complaint camps. Altogether 8-9 people would be working for receiving and resolving of complaints. Waste bags would also be provided on request.
The residents of Rawalpindi could address their complaints for collection and disposal of wastes of sacrificial animals at Company’s specified numbers 0320-0506661, 0320-0506662 and 0320-0506663.

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