Will give call for Islamabad march after May 20: Imran


Pledges not to bow down before any power

The former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said that he will give a call for the long march to Islamabad any day after May 20.

“I challenge that the sea of people coming to Islamabad and it will be the biggest public gathering in the history of the capital,” he claimed during a public gathering in Mianwali – the first power show out of six rallies scheduled to be held in major cities of the country.

“I am announcing our ‘real” freedom movement from Mianwali today… I am preparing my nation… when I will give you a call to come to Islamabad will you come,” he asked the charged crowd.

He said that when no one voted for him, only the people of Mianwali elected and sent him to the National Assembly. “I will never forget this and will never forget about you.”

Imran went on to say that the “murderer” of 18 people Rana Sanaullah and cherry blossom — a term he uses for Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif — will not be able to stop people from coming to Islamabad.

“The US conspired with local Mir Jaffars and removed the government which saved Pakistan from bankruptcy… these people were looting the country for the past 30 years…. cherry blossom says you have to do slavery because you’re a beggar but I say to him that he is a slave, we’re not,” he added.

The PTI chief said, “We’re the followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and we don’t bow down to any superpower. My entire nation stands on one point today that we will be friends with everyone but will not be slaves of anyone.”

Reiterating his earlier stance about the alleged US “conspiracy” for the removal of his government, he said that the US told our ambassador that if Imran is not removed from power, there will be consequences and if he is removed then all will be forgiven. “We don’t need any forgiveness of the US. A great nation will never accept these thieves who are ruling us,” he added.

He criticised the FIR registered against PTI leaders for the unruly incident in Madina earlier, saying that wherever the members of the government go in the world, they will hear words such as “traitors” and “thieves”.

While talking about his former aide who met an accident on M2, Imran said: “This mafia attacked Shahbaz Gill yesterday … Rana Sanaullah committed 18 murders and Shehbaz Sharif has killed many during police encounters… if something happens to anyone from the PTI we will hold you and your handlers responsible.” The PTI chief also questioned that if the courts can be opened at 12 midnight then why can’t these thieves be disqualified. “My last message to the nation is that this is a decisive moment. Will you follow God’s command of truth and justice or will you stand by thieves,” he added.


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