Wildlife Department declares two more hunting areas of district Abbottabad


The areas around Malkan and Chamhad in Abbottabad district were officially given the status of the game reserve. The Secretary Forest Department, Wildlife and Environment has issued a notification giving the status of official hunting grounds to Abbottabad Union Council Garhi Phalgaran, Bandi Attai Khan area Malkan and surrounding areas and Union Council Chamhad.

Field in-charges Wildlife Department, Havelian Range Abdul Manan and Alam Zeb Khan, while talking to the representative about the establishment of Malkan hunting ground on Friday said that in order to protect the wildlife and their environment in the region, the local representative organization passed a resolution and the area had been officially given the status of a hunting ground.

Abdul Manan further said that to discourage illegal hunting and to promote healthy activities like hunting under the prescribed laws and regulations and protect the natural resources of the area in collaboration with the people, the revenues obtained should be used for their welfare in consultation with the representative organization of both game reserves as 80 percent of the money allocated for hunting permits will be spent in the same area.

The Field In-charge Wildlife Department said that strict legal action would be taken against those involved in illegal hunting by establishing an official hunting ground in Havelian Wildlife Range where legal hunting would be encouraged.—APP

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