Who’s perpetrator of terrorism?


IT is really surprising that the perpetrators of terrorism whilst projecting themselves as the victim of the menace are baselessly pointing accusatory fingers on others.

India is doing so frequently in order to divert attention from its own ugly face as well the worst human rights record.

During a news conference in Austria, Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar referred to Pakistan as the epicentre of terrorism.

Our Foreign Office whilst rejecting the frivolous accusations called the latest tirade a reflection of growing frustration over India’s failure to malign and isolate Pakistan.

The fact of the matter is that the whole world knows the truth and the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in the war on terrorism.

We are still bearing the brunt of this scourge. On the other hand, India has never ever contributed to international efforts against terrorism rather has remained the recruiter, financer and the facilitator of terrorist outfits and foreign terrorist fighters within the region to stoke instability inside Pakistan through terror acts.

These are not allegations but our authorities concerned have presented indisputable and undeniable evidence in this regard which has been shared with the world including the United Nations in the form of dossiers.

Most recently, our authorities unambiguously unearthed the involvement of New Delhi in Johar Town Lahore incident.

As also pointed out by Foreign Pffice in its statement, the death of over 40 Pakistani nationals on Indian soil in the 2007 Samjhauta Express Tragedy to the arrest of RAW agent Kulbushan Jadhav from within Pakistan back in 2016 are the irrefutable evidence of India’s terrorism that spans over decades and geographies.

More so, there are also international reports which refer to the Indian involvement in sabotage activities inside Pakistan.

The question arises as to how more evidence is required by the world bodies including the UN and FATF to act against India and hold it accountable for crimes against humanity.

The hands of Indian leaders are soaked in blood of innocent people and if action was not initiated against them, they will continue the bloodbath.

Efforts to counter terrorism must be non-discriminatory and any political and economic expediency should not come in the way.