WHO: One in 10 may have caught Corona


Observer Report


Roughly one in 10 people may have been infected with the Coronavirus, leaving the vast majority of the world’s population vulnerable to the Covid-19 disease it causes, the World Health Organization said on Monday.
Mike Ryan, the WHO’s top emergency expert, was addressing the agency’s Executive Board.
Zhang Yang of China’s National Health Commission, said: “China has always been transparent and responsible to fulfil our international obligations.” China maintained close contacts with all levels of the UN health agency, she added.
Ryan said that outbreaks were surging in parts of southeast Asia and that cases and deaths were on the rise in parts of Europe and the eastern Mediterranean region.
“Our current best estimates tell us about 10% of the global population may have been infected by this virus. It varies depending on country, it varies from urban to rural, it varies depending on groups. But what it does mean is that the vast majority of the world remains at risk,” Ryan said.