Whatsapp to introduce end-to-end encrypted backups

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WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app, is reported to be working on a new product and has sent an upgrade to the Google Play Beta Program, taking the edition to

According to WABetainfo, the app is working to add end-to-end encrypted backups after allowing the replay pace and a refreshed chat bar in previous WhatsApp beta releases for Android.

“”End-To-End Encrypted Backups will make your backups very safe when hosted on Google Drive. When you restore WhatsApp, you need to type the passcode to decrypt it, and nobody else can see its content because the end-to-end encryption protects it from unauthorised access,” it said.

The function is currently being developed.

When you allow end-to-end encrypted backups, you must enter a passcode to customise it, according to WABetainfo.

WhatsApp will offer you the option to update your password or disable encryption until the ability to encrypt backups is activated.

“The password is private and it won’t be shared with WhatsApp or their parent company, Facebook,” WABetainfo said.

If you forget your password, the messaging app would not be able to help you recover an encrypted end-to-end backup until the function is accessible.

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