Western border secure



THE nation is proud of its armed forces for always rising to the occasion and fulfilling their responsibilities of guarding the physical frontiers of the country.

Addressing a news conference in Rawalpindi regarding the unfolding situation in Afghanistan, DG, ISPR, Major General Babar Iftikhar briefed in detail the steps taken by the forces to secure the porous western border.

Indeed there were genuine fears that the uncertain situation in Afghanistan will have a spill-over effect in our country. Pakistan has always borne the brunt of the conflict in neighbouring country.

It was the farsightedness of our military leadership that all the requisite steps were taken in advance to cope with any situation.

The DG, ISPR, told the media that regular troops were moved to the border before 15 August, assuring the western border is secure and there is nothing to worry.

We have no doubt over the capabilities and preparedness of our forces — the personnel of whom have always rendered their lives for a better and secured future of the country.

The whole world has seen for itself that where the military of a superpower failed to check terrorism in Afghanistan, our forces delivered a bloody nose to the terrorists in the tribal areas and elsewhere in the country. Peace stands largely resorted in the country as a result of anti-terrorist operations.

In recent times, an uptick has been seen in terrorist acts to hurt the interests of the country. Investigations exposed that these were carried out by our arch enemy with the nexus of NDS.

We are confident that with the formation of a new government in Afghanistan, India will not be able to use the Afghan land as a proxy against Pakistan. The Taliban have also given their assurances in this regard to Pakistan.

The Taliban will have to stay alert of spoilers such as India who do not want return of peace and stability to Afghanistan.

The recent attack at Kabul Airport necessitates that the process of formation of an inclusive Afghan government is accelerated in order to restore normalcy and end uncertainty.

The world community should not abandon the Afghans but fully support their new government in reconstruction and rehabilitation work.

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